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We’ve moved!!

We’ve moved!!

January 20, 2023

We have said “farewell” to our most recent therapy space at Copper Ridge Place. Our new temporary location is at 49 A Waterfront Place. This is located close to Motor Vehicles, and right beside Disability Services. You might remember it as the old Remax location (or the COVID testing centre). We began seeing children and families in our new location on January 3.

Our main therapy spaces where we see children and families are at this new location. Our Therapeutic Preschool and Early Learning Program Supports team will remain at 509 Alexander Street and we still have some office space at 133 Industrial Road. In addition, our Industrial Road location will also have a dedicated play therapy space, so if your child receives play therapy it may be at this location. Your therapist will let you know what location your appointment is at.

We want to thank families once again for being understanding and flexible with our move to another temporary home. We know change can be hard on children, who thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. We also want to thank staff for being adaptable with yet another move.

The end of moving to temporary locations is in sight though. We will be relocating to a new, permanent location at 206 Hanson Street in the summer of 2023!