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We Can Help: New Campaign Promotes Child Development Centre Services

We Can Help: New Campaign Promotes Child Development Centre Services

November 21, 2017

The Yukon Child Development Centre is launching the “We Can Help” campaign to promote awareness of the Centre’s services and to inform parents and caregivers that they can contact the Centre directly with questions about their child’s development.

The Child Development Centre works with families and community members to provide therapeutic services and support the developmental needs of all Yukon children from birth to kindergarten.

“Many people are unaware of the Child Development Centre and its services, or believe that it only provides help for children with significant difficulties,” said Board Chair Shanna Epp. “We are also aware that many people don’t realize they can reach out to us directly and do not need a referral from a medical professional to get help from the Centre.”

Through the campaign, the Child Development Centre hopes to reach parents and child caregivers with the message that it can help with concerns about their child’s development and to encourage early intervention. 

“Early help means greater success,” said Epp. “Parents often have questions about whether their child should be walking or talking by a certain stage, or have concerns about behaviour or how their child plays with others. The campaign aims to encourage parents to contact us as soon as possible and not wait.”

The campaign features six colourful ‘thumbprint’ designs with simple, specific messages that address some of the most common childhood development questions. 

“We chose the thumbprint design because it reflects the unique nature of every child,” said Megan Yakiwchuk, a member of the Centre’s Family Partnership Council. “Every thumbprint is personal and different and this can be linked to the uniqueness of each child.”