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There are several great support groups for parents around town.

For Families

The Child Development Centre uses a family centered philosophy which recognizes that each family is unique and, in most cases, is the constant in a child's life. This approach builds on a family's existing strengths and supports them in making informed decisions. We strive to provide culturally safe services that respect the families' cultural values and beliefs.


The Child Development Centre offers groups for caregivers designed to help parents support their child's developmental needs. Sometimes these groups include parents and their children and sometimes the groups are offered to just parents.  Some examples include:

Handle with Care

The Handle with Care program is a flexible, interactive program that helps parents and caregivers promote the mental health of young children from birth to 6 years of age. It focuses on four building blocks; attachment, self-esteem, expressing emotions and relationships with others. This program is a Canadian evidence based program that includes data from the Yukon.  

Hanen Programs

We offer a variety of Hanen programs that help caregivers promote the social, language and literacy skills of their children. The groups teach practical strategies for encouraging learning in the context of everyday activities.