Our Services

The Child Development Centre offers many kinds of services for children (birth to 5 years) and their families in Whitehorse and the rural communities throughout the Yukon.

Some of the services include:

  • Home based programs
  • Assessment and follow up
  • Developmental screens
  • Visits to child care centers
  • Groups for parents and children
  • Integrated Therapeutic preschool
  • Education and support for parents and caregivers
  • Diagnosis of FASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Complex Behaviours


We are committed to providing quality services using a family-centred approach.

We welcome feedback from families and community members. Comment Cards are available on our home page or you can simply give us a call.

If you have concerns about our services we will listen and respond in a fair and timely manner.  Your concerns will never result in a barrier to your child recieving services.

You can contact the Child Development Centre at 456-8182 or toll free in the communities at 1-866-835-8386 to speak to a program coordinator or the executive director.  A link to our Complaint Resolution Policy can be found on this page.



If you have a concern...

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