Outreach Program

Our team travels to all Yukon communities on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Children may see one therapist or a team of therapists. No matter who is involved, they will work with the family to determine the family’s priorities and needs of the child. After that a Family Plan will be developed that reflects what has been decided.

When the team is in your community, you can meet them wherever suits you best. Services may include assessment, follow-up programs, consultation, one-to-one therapy, working with parents, working with childcare centres, or simply a few ideas to try at home. When needed, early childhood therapy assistants are hired locally to work with children on a weekly basis.

When it comes time to move into kindergarten, the team can work with the family and school to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Satellite offices are located in Dawson City (1-867-993-3028) and
Watson Lake (1-867-536-5254).