Child - Parent Groups

Programming at the Child Development Centre is sometimes delivered in a group setting. Groups offered are based on the needs of the children and families that are currently accessing our services. Some groups are designed for children, some for parents, and others may include both.

Some of the groups we have offered include:

Target Word© – a Hanen Program© for Parents of Children who are Late Talkers

This is a program for the parents of children who are late talkers. Here parents learn strategies to create language learning opportunities for their children, and how to select ‘Target Words’ specifically for their chid.


Handle with Care Parenting Program

The Handle with Care program is designed to help parents and caregivers promote the mental health of young children. Supporting children’s mental health is an everyday aspect of health care, just as we support children’s healthy bodies through good nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Topics include building trust and attachment, building and enhancing self-esteem, expression of emotions, and relationships with others.

The program consists of simple interactive strategies that build on the strengths of parents and caregivers. Handle with Care is for everyone who cares for or works with children: parents, as well as grandparents, support workers, and those who work in early childhood settings.


Chatter bugs Language Group

Chatterbugs is a therapeutic language group that helps children experiencing language delays. The group also features parent participation, which extends the learning opportunities for each child at home.

We have lots of fun as we help the children to improve their skills in the following areas: social language (using language to interact with peers and adults), sentence structure (grammar), understanding and expression of concepts (location, quantity), and questions (where, why, how), speech sounds, pre-reading skills, narrative development, and vocabulary.


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